A Car Wash you’ll never forget

The best service at the best price in the LA area

We understand that choosing a car wash service is not an easy task. At Sky Auto Detail we make it easy for you, offering the best service, with attention to detail, and at the best prices. We are experts on all kind of cars, foreign or national, and we offer a wide variety of services.

We specialize in exterior and interior cleaning, wax, polish and buff and also scratch removal. We offer several packages for your convenience. Come visit us and we’ll give you a stamp book.


How does our stamp book work?

When you become a customer at Sky Auto Detail, we give you a stamp book for you to keep. If you buy any product you will earn a stamp. Once you earn three stamps you will get a free wash and a wax job. Visit us today!


Our offers:

  • We offer express car wash packages, 100% hand wash car, wheels cleaned and blasted, hand towel dry of the exterior and our guarantee of a job well done.
  • We also have offers for foam conditioner, extreme shine wax and a complete surface protectant for your car. We also have tire dressing available.
  • You can also purchase air fresheners in our shop to keep your car smelling fresh for a bunch of days.
  • Our full service includes the vacuuming of carpets, mats & seats, a wipe down of the door panels, dashboard, console and door jams, and the drying of the entire car with hand towels.

We are a family business located in Los Angeles, with five years of experience.